Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh my goodness! It's been sooooo long since we've posted. A quick explanation...first of the all the weather, UGH! Dan and I went up Valentine's Day week-end thinking, great there had been a thaw earlier that week...at home all was melted and relatively dry however we drove into a whiteout as we got nearer to the cabin and the lane had melted just enough to uncover the thick layer of ice under the snow but we forged ahead anyway only to become lodged sideways in the lower lane...okay no panic even though I was looking over the hill ahead of us and thinking the trees are not going to catch us (family joke) but Dan being the genius he is managed to inch us out of danger and point us downward in the lane again....so we made the twelve mile trip back to town and bought the last two bags of rock salt left in the world! Okay twelve mile drive back to the precarious position we had earlier gotten ourselves out of armed with salt and unbelievably we were able to get ourselves into our little lane and park in front of the cabin! Next project...we brought along the propane fireplace that was intended to relieve all our heating issues, hooked it up, made sure all was safely connected to the small propane tank that we borrowed from our barbecue grill just to make sure it was going to work and viola! FIRE! Yea! did some tiding up from our last destruction project, settled down in front of the cozy fire and watched the thermometer rise to 44 degrees just before the gas ran out after just three short hours! So we realize that untill we get the place completely insulated nothing is going to warm us. Does any of this tell you how much we love this cabin! I swore I would not go back until we had spring temps of 70 degrees...guess what...it's going up to 50 something this week-end and yes we are going...can't wait. Hope to have some pics to add to the next post and hopefully they will show some improvements.