Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome To Hemlock Haven Lodge! We are very new to this blogging thing but have been enjoying other blogs where folks are sharing their camp and cabin experiences and wanted to join in the fun! So please be patient with us while we learn. A little bit about our is the realization of a dream for our family, we all have had different experiences with mountain cabins in the past but all have had the same own our own! And now it is a reality! For me (Debbie) it was the memory of Castle Lodge, owned by my grandparents and located in ANF (Allegheny National Forest) with deep genealogical roots but on National Forest land that was called back by the Gov. and had to be demolished in the 80's if I remember correctly....but Castle Lodge was the place where the family gathered week-ends and summers and where I learned to love God's creation so deeply it makes me cry to smell soil moistened by an ancient spring, to see thick ferns and princess pine and teaberry growing on the forest floor. For my husband(Dan) it was hunting trips with his dad and brother, uncles and assorted friends in a variety of settings from the ridiculous to the sublime! And for our daughter and son (now young adults) it was being toted around the woods on endless excursions looking for the perfect location and occasionally have the blessing of staying in a friends log cabin for a week-end now and then.

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