Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Golden Retriever, Maggie, was in her glory romping and exploring the Allegheny National Forest. She seemed a bit dismayed at what was going on inside the cabin though. We began tearing out all of the old paneling to make way for the new wiring and tongue and groove.

This is what we refer to as the squirrel's dining table. The remnants of their feasts are found on this stump which protrudes from our deck.
And here we have their stash...nuts of every variety and pine cones. They won't be very happy with us after this last weekend. We tore out the attic and burned their squirrel condo full of food. Our fear after this battle is where will they turn their focus next? Our mattresses?'s a little too late for that. When we began the process of cleaning and rotating mattresses we were assaulted by the sound of walnuts falling through bedsprings. Perhaps they'll set their sites on our couch and armchairs? I guess we must wait until our next venture north to find out what havoc awaits us...

Obviously, the squirrels have had their hayday in our attic. Today was the first battle of the squirrel wars.


  1. ....Sorry, all I can do is laugh with you.... I 'believe' that I get chipmunks in the attic. I know that I get mice. ...and we've had bats, too.

    I've joked with my hubby that 'there is a party going on in the attic at 3am, and I wasn't invited'! I really need to come up with a couple of posts that 'keep it real'.

  2. I forgot to add, Maggie is quite a smiley girl! I'll bet she does love running around the woods.