Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Days

We have been in the deep freeze for about two weeks now with knee deep snow lots of ice and at least one school snow day (yea!) Remember snow days? A gift from heaven! The phone rings or you get the word from the local radio station, you peek out the window to verify and yes! there it is a snowy quilt, blanketing everything familiar and still the snow comes down so soft, so quiet, the hush is deafening and the smallest light is reflected and magnified a million times like diamonds on the snowy quilt. It's a feeling so complete and so sweet it's hard to drink in, so you tip toe back to your bed and slip your cold feet between the flannel sheets and thank the Creator for the gift of snow! Later the hunt begins for the boots, the mittens, the snow saucers, snow pants, scarves, shovels, brooms, scrapers, hot chocolate, toll house cookie recipe, crock pot for soup, is that all the bird seed we have left? and don't let that dog in after she's rolled in the snow for an hour! Ahh, light a fire and snuggle. God Bless January! The other side of the picture is we haven't been able to get to the cabin, don't know how much snow is on the roof or if we still have a roof but trust that all is well and imagine the beautiful scene it must be among the hemlocks and I'm sure the squirrels are enjoying the fact that we can't invade "their" space until the thaw! grrr, hurry March!


  1. I love the images you evoked w/ the hot chocolate, cookies and soup on a cold day! Last week at our cabin had to been the coldest on record. One night it was -22. Hoping next week is warmer! Looking forward to seeing your March cabin photos!!

  2. This is Mr.df. Debbie is off on an adventure to the great city of San Antonio. Lucky her! She gets to escape the bitter cold and experience the joy of temperatures in the 70's with no coat, hat, or gloves to encumber. We spent a lovely weekend driving around the mountains, first to check out the Hemlock Haven to make sure the snow hadn't caved the roof in and then just to enjoy the beauty of the ANF (Allegheny National Forest). The roof was fine but the squirrels are still there!!!! They left several lovely piles of stripped pine cones to let us know they are still in the battle. (I think they were taunting us!) I 've been thinking about trying one of those electronic devices to get rid of the squirrels and mice...but do they really work? Can't wait to get back to the cabin and try out our new propane heater do we can get on with the insulating and put up the new tongue and groove paneling. Lots to do.... forgot my ID so for now I'm Mr. df ANONYMOUS