Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day! Today is one of those dreary days in a string of rain and gray skies...sigh...but every morning now the scene outside my windows as I stand there with a steaming cup of coffee is greener and the blossoms are incredibly beautiful. The rain seems to slightly shroud the beauty so it doesn't hurt our eyes or our souls with it's magnificence. It makes me very reflective...can you tell?...after a long hard winter when we begin to doubt that anything will ever come to life and bud and grow again, there it is...the wonder of creation, right in front of our eyes! I often wondered why Moses could not look at the face of God without being destroyed. I think now that it is for the same reason the rain shrouds Creation's beauty lest we be completely transfigured and transported from every day experience and can no longer function in the mundane. By the time the rain ends many blossoms will be on the ground and those still hanging on will be slightly wilted and then it will be safe to look again. Happy May Day!

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  1. dreary here too,... maybe a hint of sunshine before the day is over. Congrantulations to your fire school grads! My grandson has also done that.