Thursday, May 28, 2009

Okay I admit it....I am such a loser when it comes to frequent posting....I will try to do better and start posting more pictures. Update on the cabin---Son Dan and and friend Josh have started the re-wiring project and bracing up the pitched roof from within...we should be able to start insulating and installing the tongue and groove soon...can't wait! DH Dan and I drove up on Sunday afternoon to check out the progress and decided to spend the night and return home on Memorial Day for the family cook-out. We really needed some down time at the cabin but honestly we were kinda overwhelmed by all the work we could see needing to be done and not enough time in the schedule yet to get to it. Also fellow campers up the lane from us were partying in a very big way....lot's of loud music and game celebrating which was okay til the fighting started. This being our first summer up there we are hoping that this was an unusual week-end for these folks! You may remember earlier posts about the Squirrel Wars...well the squirrels have kindly vacated the premises and moved on to a more natural habitat, however as we settled down for the night in our creaky iron bed that we have come to luv we soon detected that we were not alone, snapped on the light and illuminated a large BAT! Hilarity ensued as Dan moved quickly into MacGiver mode and created a Duck Tape on a double duck taped pole removal weapon kinda thingy that didn't work. We finally said phooey let's go to sleep and hope for the best. Our son said a tennis ball in a tube sock will bring a bat down when they try to grab it and get their little talons stuck in the sock....anybody tried this method?....does it work?


  1. Bats are good critters, but of course not in our living quarters. I have had them get into my cabin. I open a window, they fly to the screen, I then pop a glass over them,... slide a piece of paper or cardboard under the glass and take them outside to release them. Just think of the mosquitos they will eat if left to fly again! Then of course daylight brings the search for the openening they entered through! Good luck!

  2. Cedar's idea above sounds good to me! LOL! Hope to see some june updates form you on the cabin!